6 Top Qualities You Must Look for in a Wedding Photographer

  • 4 years   ago

It is important to choose a good wedding photographer for capturing innovative and creative photographs. It is not a task which you perform every day. Therefore, before you embark on the path of hiring the professional photographers for your big day, ensure taking care of the important points. Some of the aspects which you need to take care off are mentioned below.

Professional Education and Training

It is important to seek for the photographer who has an education background in photography. Photographers with an educational background are smarter and know how to handle the situation. The professional courses help them to develop and enhance their skills in order to become a better wedding photographer. When you are hiring a wedding photographer in Dubai, look for their educational background or in the related field so that you get the best pictures of your wedding ceremony. Training helps them to improve their photography skills letting them grow into a better professional.


The portfolio gives them an insight of the photographer’s work and how well he clicks the photographs. You have the opportunity to reject the photographer if you don’t like their portfolio. Their portfolio gives them a good idea about the quality of work done by them. The wedding is several days affair which requires the knowledge of different types of photography like still life, portraiture, and dynamic photography. So the photographer needs to have command over all types of photography. Look for two important things in the portfolio which are style and technical ability. The photographs should reflect the personality and style of the bride, groom, and the people attending the wedding ceremony.


Ensure you hire someone with a good experience in wedding photography. An experienced photographer has good knowledge and command over the lighting conditions, backgrounds, and other technical details of the photography. A wedding photographer is not all about capturing simple photographs, but it means capturing the emotions and feelings of the people around and being able to connect with the bride and groom. The experienced wedding photographer can capture the essence of the main day in a creative and innovative way. An amateur wedding photographer may not be able to fulfill your entire requirement. Therefore, make sure you have examined the professional experience of the wedding photographer you are about to hire.


The wedding is a live event that goes on for longer time duration. It is obvious that many things may not happen on time. Therefore, the wedding photographer must be patient enough to handle the situation. Patience is an important trait that a photographer must have so that he is able to click nice photographs capturing the particular moment well. You would not want to hire someone who is short tempered and immature when it comes to keeping patience during the event.

Credentials and Reviews

Checking the photographer’s credentials is another way of knowing their level of expertise and services in the particular field. You can even check whether they belong to any wedding vendors list in local magazines. Reviews also give you insights about the performance of the professional photographers as to what others are saying about their work and profession. Check their views on various internet portals before hiring the exceptional wedding photographer. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on the reviews and credentials of the wedding photographer.

Equipment Used

The high-quality wedding photography equipment are expensive. The photographer should have an in-depth knowledge of working and usage of the following equipment. The photographers hired for wedding photography in Dubai should have equipment like extra camera body, multiple lenses, and extra flashes. The professional wedding photographers are always prepared with different photography equipment which can be used according to the lighting adjustment of the concerned place.

It is important to hire a wedding photographer who has these skills. Photographs aid you in creating memories for life.