7 Types of People Who Might Want a Personal Bodyguard

7 Types of People Who Might Want a Personal Bodyguard By Amelie Miles - July 29, 2021
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There was a time when personal bodyguards were restricted to political figures and super wealthy people. That was basically it, because there wasn’t really any need for the average person to hire personal security.

But times have changed.

The world today isn’t anything like it used to be just a few decades back.

Lots of factors have influenced insecurity on a global scale, making it wise for anyone to enlist the services of a bodyguard in certain circumstances.
Factors that contribute to global insecurity

?    Economic recessions
?    Economic disparities
?    Social polarization
?    Political instability
?    Human suffering
?    Religious fanaticism

Depending on your current situation you may need protection. 

Take a look at these examples of people who might want to consider getting a personal bodyguard.

1.    Popular Individuals

Popularity now isn’t restricted to entertainers and celebrities anymore. It’s not just for people who have been shaping their lives for a while to achieve stardom.

You don’t even need to be skilled at anything.

In this modern digital world, you can go to bed a nobody and wake up famous. All it may take is for one of your cute, funny, or scandalous content to go viral on social media.

It’s not even a far-fetched idea as people get famous through memes all the time. 

Problem is, with popularity comes certain threats to your wellbeing, making it a good idea to hire personal security.

2.    Spiritual Figures

Much like political figures, spiritual figures are often targets of attacks and history is filled with instances of attacks targeting individuals in this field.

Usually, spiritual leaders are attacked by seemingly ordinary individuals who disagree with their thoughts and beliefs.

For these people, getting personal security is important for them as well as their families. If you’re a leader of a spiritual movement, you may want to consider having a bodyguard with you at least whenever you’re out in public.

3.    Persons of Interest

A person of interest is someone who is linked in some way to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Usually, the authorities identify certain people and label them persons of interest while they are investigating a case. 

Here’s the thing, being a person of interest means you haven’t been arrested. It also means you may not have anything to do with the police case, just that you could be helpful in the investigation.

However, being a person of interest in certain cases can come with safety issues if the public gets wind of it. You need to stay safe while the authorities do their job.

4.    Witnesses

Like persons of interests, witnesses can also face threats to their personal safety.

It’s always a possibility that crucial witnesses to crimes can be targeted in an attempt to foil the case. 

If you’re a witness, seeking personal protection is important.

5.    Journalists

Certain travel destinations have high levels of insecurities. If you're visiting places with a history of organized gangs, you may be at risk of kidnapping, getting robbed, or harmed.

And when your job involves having to visit dangerous places to cover a story, it's best to lower those risks by having a highly trained professional bodyguard accompany you.

Also the fact that you're a journalist can put your safety in question at some places. You'll need someone trained to observe their surroundings and draw on their experience to keep you safe.

6.    Tourists

It may come as a surprise but tourists get kidnapped, robbed, and even harmed while abroad on their travels.

The threat to the safety of tourists is always there since they are easily spotted in foreign countries by almost everyone.

7.    Handlers of valuable Goods

When your job entails handling highly valuable items such as artwork, precious stones, among other rare items, it'd be best to hire personal security as these items put your wellbeing at risk.

People who handle valuables are easily targeted and all it takes is someone learning your daily pattern. An attacker would then be able to predict your movements and organize a robbery.

A trained bodyguard lowers these risks by figuring out and removing scenarios that expose you to dangers.



We’re living in a world prevalent with security threats and if you feel at any point that your safety might be in jeopardy, don’t hesitate getting personal protection.

Here is a great resource if you’re looking into hiring personal bodyguards but not sure where to begin.

By Amelie Miles - July 29, 2021

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