Rich nations with 13% population signed deals for getting over half of Covid-19 vaccines

  • 2 weeks   ago
COVID19 Vaccines Race
Wealthy nations that have just 13 per cent of the global population have already bought half of the potential drugs that are leading the Covid-19 vaccines race, a report by Oxfam claimed. 
The study analysed agreements signed by five leading vaccine candidates and pharmaceuticals based on data shared by the analytics organisation Airfinity.
"Access to a life-saving vaccine shouldn't depend on where you live or how much money you have," said Robert Silverman from Oxfam America, as quoted by news agency AFP. 
"The development and approval of a safe and effective vaccine is crucial, but equally important is making sure the vaccines are available and affordable to everyone. Covid-19 anywhere is Covid-19 everywhere."
The study found that the production capacity of the vaccines developed by AstraZeneca, Gamaleya/Sputnik, Moderna, Pfizer and Sinovac is 5.9 billion doses, which it said is enough for the global population of about 3 million, considering two shots to one individual will be enough. 
It said, developed countries and regions, including the US, the UK, European Union, Australia, Hong Kong and Macau, Japan, Switzerland and Israel have notched deals for 2.7 billion (51 per cent)  doses out of the total 5.3 billion doses so far.
The remaining 2.6 billion doses have been signed by developing countries, which include India, Bangladesh, China, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. 

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