Qatar recorded only 4 cases of Covid-19 reinfections: HMC Official

  • 2 months   ago

There are only four cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) reinfections have been recored in Qatar so far. Also those people, who got infected again, were asymptomatic during their first and second infections.

According to Dr Muna Al Maslamani, Medical Director of the Communicable Diseases Center (CDC) of the Hamad Medical Corporation, four cases of reinfections were registered in Qatar and the gap between the first and second infections varied between 45 days to 87 days. The four cases did not show any symptoms during the first or second infections. She said during the “Al-Sabah Rabah” programme on Al Rayyan television.

She added that more studies are needed to determine the immune protection that a person infected with the virus acquires and to check the exact period of persistence those antibodies have in the body.

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has signed deals with most important international manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccinations and Qatar will immediately obtain them as soon as it receives necessary approvals.

The HMC official stated that there is a new test to detect the Covid-19 virus – antigen test - which takes 15 minutes and received approval recently. It has an accuracy rate of 97% and will be made available in relevant departments of HMC soon. The PCR examination has an accuracy rate of 100% but takes between 6-8 hours.

Dr. Al Maslamani also highlighted the importance of getting the seasonal influenza vaccinations, especially for children - 6 months to 5 years old - pregnant women, elderly and people with chronic diseases to prevent the virus, especially at a time of Covid-19 pandemic.


She explained that scientists have noticed increase in spread of Covid-19 virus if the temperature and humidity is low. It is noted that when the humidity is low, the virus stays in the air for longer periods, and when the temperature is low, the virus lives outside the body more.

The end of the Covid-19 pandemic depends on the existence of a vaccine or treatment for this virus, as well as on human behavior by adhering to precautionary measures, which are salient factor in preventing the virus spread.

Source: Hamad Medical Corporation