Ministry closes restaurant for violating COVID-19 safety guidelines

  • 1 month ago
Ministry closes restaurant for violating COVID-19 safety guidelines

A budget restaurant in Birkat Al Awamer area has been shut for 15 days after the Ministry of Commerce and Industry found it to have violated the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines.

The ministry said the closure order can be renewed after the initial 15-day period.

Restaurants in Qatar, except those functioning inside shopping malls, started welcoming diners in August, in the third phase lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

In a recent directive, the ministry allowed restaurants that obtained a “Qatar Clean Programme” certificate to operate at 100 percent dine-in capacity from September 1. However, the restaurants that do not possess this certificate will have to limit their dine-in services to 30 percent of their capacities.

The outlets will have to put in place strict COVID-19 precautionary measures.


According to the MOCI, restaurants are not allowed to provide buffet and shisha services. While the menus have to be pre-set, hand sanitisers should be provided and safe-distance stickers should be stuck on the floors.

Tables should be laid at least 2 metres away from one another. 

The restaurants are also required deny entry to customers who do not wear face masks, whose body temperatures are above 38 degrees Celsius and who do not have a green-colour-code on COVID-19 contact tracing app Ehteraz.

A maximum of five people are allowed to sit at each table (members of one family are excluded from this). 

The ministry urged restaurants to encouraging customers to pay with cards.