IMPORTANT Announcement! QID holders returning from 1 August – 15 September

  • 9 months   ago
IMPORTANT Announcement! QID holders returning from 1 August – 15 September

QID holders will need to obtain approval to enter Qatar by applying through the Qatar Portal

Applications for a re-entry permit do not open until 1 August.

Once re-entry is approved, you will receive a permit and can then book your self-funded quarantine hotel package, if travelling from a country not on the low risk list or if you are not eligible for home quarantine. QID holders returning to Qatar from one of the countries on the low risk will be required to self isolate at home for a period of 7 days.

If you plan to travel from a low risk country, you need to have been in that country for at least 72 hours before you will be allowed to travel to Qatar and home quarantine. If you have not been in that country for 72 hours you will be considered to have travelled from a non-low risk country and will be required to enter self funded quarantine for 7 days, followed by 7 days self isolation at home.

QID holders will not be able to board a flight to Qatar without being able to prove authorisation to travel to Qatar, and by also providing confirmation of a 7 day government approved quarantine package reservation, if not traveling from a country on the low risk list.

QID holders are advised not to book a quarantine package until approval to return to Qatar has been confirmed.

Can all QID Holders return on 1 August?

No, only QID holders with an approved re-entry permit obtained from the Qatar Portal will be permitted to travel to Qatar from 1 August. Applications for re-entry to Qatar will open on 1 August.

Residents’ entry will be organised based on a series of priorities, including public health indicators, the nature of the needs of the various government and semi-government sectors and humanitarian cases.

What if my Qatar ID has expired?

If your QID has expired while you have been outside of Qatar you may be permitted to re-enter Qatar to renew your QID, after you been approved to travel and have successfully completed your mandated quarantine period.

What if I am planning to return to Qatar after 15 September?

We recommend that you wait until closer to your planned date of arrival into Qatar before confirming your return travel plans, in case any of the quarantine requirements have changed.

Can I fly with an airline other than Qatar Airways?

Yes, and the same entry conditions will be present for Qatari Nationals and QID holders.