COVID-19 cases resurging in small waves in Qatar: Dr Khal

  • 1 month ago
COVID-19 cases resurging in small waves in Qatar: Dr Khal

Qatar has witnessed a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in small waves after the pandemic fell off the peak stage in the beginning of June, Chair of the National Strategic Group on COVID-19 Dr Abdullatif Al Khal has said.

Addressing a press conference in Doha on Monday, Dr Khal said the infection was now rampant among skilled workers and professionals. 

Although the waves of infections are limited, their danger lies in the ability of the virus to reach the least immune people in society, Dr Khal said.

Almost 90 percent of infection reported in the past four weeks was found among those living with families in Qatar, he said, pointing out that social gatherings were the main cause of the spread of the virus in theses cases.

He said the test positivity rates were declining steadily until September but then went up this week due to laxity in adhering to precautionary measures such as maintaining safe distance and wearing a mask.

The test positivity rate in every hundred random-sample tests decreased to 1 percent at the beginning of September and increased to 3 percent last week.


The rate of positive examinations among suspected individuals was about 13 percent and among those in contact was approximately 8 percent.

With tests being carried out on two to four people per thousand people, Qatar is one of the countries that conduct the highest number of tests to detect the virus, Dr Khal said.

The efforts of the Ministry of Public Health will not succeed without the cooperation of all individuals and the indifference of one person may lead to great harm, he added.

Giving details of Qatar’s back-to-school initiative, Dr Khal said several classes in some schools were suspended after a few cases of COVID-19 were discovered among students and teachers. 

Dr Khal said soon saliva would be used to test COVID-19 in children instead of taking their nasal or throat swabs, which can be painful.