Breaking: Qatar to launch app for real-time Covid-19 updates

  • 2 months   ago

Soon and after weeks of collaborative work with the Ministry of Transport & Communications (MoTC) and Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Qatar, Her Excellency Lolwah Rashid al Khater announced the launching of an Android & IOS compatible app called, "EHTERAZ," which means ''precaution" in Arabic.

According to her, this tool will help all the people in the country, including the medical teams to better identify the coronavirus (Covid-19) transmission chains and accelerates help to contain the virus.

What is EHTERAZ?

EHTERAZ is an application for smartphones that uses a GPS feature and Bluetooth to perform various services, and it aims to:

1. Enhance preventive measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the State of Qatar.

2. Display the latest developments and official statistics related to the coronavirus.

3. Receive awareness and precautionary instructions issued by the official authorities

The app is aimed to enhance safety and support the country's efforts in fighting Covid-19.



QR Health Codes

The profile of each user is linked to the QR Code by automatically extracting the user's health information from the official bodies according to the following organizations:

Red - For people that have been tested and had tested positive for Covid-19

Yellow - For individuals that have been placed in the quaratine facilities

Grey - Suspected cases, individuals that exhibit symptoms, or that have been in contact with Covid-19 Positive cases but have not been tested

Green - Healthy individuals that do not exhibit any symptoms, or that have tested negative

For inquiries, call the Government Contact Center at 109.