Galaxy Note 9 release date, specs and price: Hands-on review surfaces weeks before launch

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The images show a design that looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, complete with a rectangular shape, metal frame and glass back. You can also see that there’s once again a dual-lens camera and a fingerprint scanner on the back – so an in-display scanner looks unlikely.
However, the scanner has been moved below the camera lens, somewhat similar to its position on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but where that phone has its cameras stacked vertically, the Note 9 shown here has them side by side.
Other details include a 3.5mm headphone port, USB-C port, speaker grille, S Pen silo and microphone on the bottom edge, slim bezels (but no notch) on the front, power and volume buttons on the left edge and a Bixby button on the right. 
As well as the images above, you can also see all these things in the video below, which came from the same source.
The dimensions of the Galaxy Note 9 have also been leaked, with the phone apparently coming in at 161.9 x 76.3 x 8.8mm, making it slightly shorter but marginally wider and thicker than the 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6mm Galaxy Note 8. 
So the size is similar overall, which is no surprise, since the screen will apparently also stay at roughly 6.3 inches.
As always, you should take these images with a grain of salt, but the source is solid and they look convincing enough. Not only that, but we've now seen what's supposedly a leaked front panel from the phone, which sports a very similar design.
And while the design might not change much the available colors could be slightly different, with blue, copper, silver, violet and black all rumored to be options. You can see them below and note that some of them are surprisingly vibrant.
These might be the color options for the Note 9. Credit: Hi-Tech.Mail
These might be the color options for the Note 9. Credit: Hi-Tech.Mail
On the other hand, a Samsung patent shows a phone design with a screen that curves at the right edge, but oddly not at the left - if that sounds familiar, it's because it's a similar design to the Galaxy Note Edge from 2014.
It’s an unusual look for a phone, and quite different to the Note 8, so we’re skeptical that it will be used for the Note 9, but you never know.
Could this be an early look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's design?
Could this be an early look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's design?
However the Note 9 looks, there's a chance that it will be made from a new material, as Samsung has trademarked 'Metal 12' - a material that's both strong and light.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price
It'll be an expensive whether or not it sees a price increase
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price is unlikely to have the same good news that we've had from the early release date. When it does arrive, it's bound to be expensive.
The Galaxy Note 8 retailed for $929 (£869, AU$1,499) at launch and we can’t see Samsung lowering the price for the Note 9, especially now Apple has pushed smartphone prices even higher with its iPhone X.
Here's the Note 9 price wildcard: The S9 and S9 Plus saw a price increase in most countries. However, it was cheaper in the US. We may see another split decision, depending on where you buy the Note 9.
For now, you'll have to be satisfied with the Note 9's predecessor if you want a phone with a stylus on the cheap. Check out today's best Galaxy Note 8 deals.
Watch the video below to see our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review.

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