Android Users Can Now Watch Videos In WhatsApp With This New Picture-In-Picture Feature

  • 1 month ago
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Pre-update, when you clicked a video link in WhatsApp, it would open it up in relating application and begin playing. 

Clicking the connection will in any case do that, however clicking the video thumbnail will rather open up the video in a half-window inside WhatsApp itself. You can shift this box around, play/pause, and maximize the video by tapping or turning your telephone sideways.

Also, since this is in a box at one end, you can continue typing your chat message at the same time.

At the present time the feature works with real outsider applications that help video, as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and two or three others.

If PiP is supported, you'll simply observe a connection in your visit. In the event that the feature is accessible however, the connection shows up alongside an obscured out thumbnail of the video that you tap to activate.