Hangzhou gears up to host next Asian Games in 2022

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 The 18th Asian Games in Indonesia may be coming to a close, but preparations for the next installment are already in full swing.

China’s ancient city of Hangzhou, famous for its scenic lake and temples, will host the 2022 Asian Games.



New sporting venues and train lines are being built, in what is seen as an opportunity to speed up development in the rapidly growing city. 

Dubbed the “giant lotus” by locals, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre, which is set to be completed in September, can seat 80,000 people and will be the main venue for the next Asian Games in 2022.

It’s among 12 new venues that are being built for Asia’s biggest multi-sport event. 

For 56-year-old Mao Xiu Tao who lives just a stone’s throw away, the Asian Games is something she is looking forward to, ever since her family moved into their new house in 2016.

This is even though there may be huge crowds and restrictions, not unlike what was seen when Hangzhou hosted the G20 Summit two years ago.

“When we bought this house, we already were anticipating the Asian Games," said Ms Mao. 

"So, you asked me if I would be put off by the inconveniences on the road for example, I won’t be.”


Retiree Mao Xiu Tao lives just next to the stadium. (Photo: Olivia Siong)

The Olympic stadium is located in Hangzhou’s new district, Qianjiang Century City  – where construction is in full swing.

With high-end offices and apartments in the works - it is part of the city’s latest urbanisation strategy to develop the area along the 235-kilometre long Qiantang River. 

When completed, the core area will be a new commercial and business centre together with another development project, Qianjiang New City across the waterway. 

The games venues will also be part of the transformation.

Construction in Qianjiang Century City. (Photo: Olivia Siong)

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