Meet the world's only Panda with a uniquely beautiful white and brown coat

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Qizai, a giant panda living in China’s Foping Panda Valley in Shaanxi province, has become a sensational figure in the animal world. The animal who is seven now, is the world’s only Panda with a unique coat of white and brown.

The adorable animal was abandoned by his mother and as such, has had a very disturbed childhood.

Too cute to bear: Qizai, from China, has proved that when it comes to a panda, it's not always a case of black and white

Adorable: Abandoned by his mother and bullied by his playmates, giant panda Qizai had a hard childhood before being saved

But after he was brought to the Foping Panda Valley, his life changed for the better. As MailOnline reports, Chinese experts are due to mate Qizai to demystify his unusual fur colour.

For 26-year-old He Xin, who is Qizai’s caretaker, spending time with the animal is the best part of his life. He has been taking care of Qizai since two years now.

Animal star: However, the adorable bear, currently seven years old, has grown to be a super star in the animal world

Before being moved to the Foping Panda Valley, Qizai lived at the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue after being saved by experts

In fact, he spends more than 18 hours a day with Qizai – waking up at 6 in the morning to feed him bamboos and sleeping in the midnight after making sure the animal sleeps comfortably, as reported by MailOnline.


As He Xin points out, Qizai might be slower in actions than other Pandas but he is much cuter than the rest of them.

His keeper gets up at 6am to feed Qizai bamboo and goes to bed at midnight after making sure that the panda sleeps well

Mr He added that when Qizai was a cub, he had been bullied by other pandas who would eat his bamboo

Qizai is fed four to five times a day and his food ranges from Chinese flour buns, milk and bamboos.

As a matter of fact, Qizai was found as a weak and lonely two-month old cub, but today e has turned into a beautiful Panda, known widely for his looks and child-like behaviours.