Killer Whales Play With Shark Before Brutally Eating It For Dinner

  • 2 years   ago
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A wildlife photographer captured the rare sight of two adult female killer whales tearing into a live shark using a drone.

Slater Moore was filming in California’s Monterey Bay when he saw the rare offshore killer whale catch a shark in it’s mouth and feed it’s two calves.

The crystal clear footage show’s the shark writhing about in the killer whale’s jaws, and then the 25-strong pod passed it around, taking opportunistic bites at its fins.


The awe-inspiring video also shows the whales flipping the shark on its back, which, according to Marine expert Jane Schramm, is a deliberate move to paralyse the shark.

Speaking to KTVU, Schramm said:

They flip them over on their backs and all of a sudden they slip into what’s called tonic immobility.

Some animals if they’re attacked by a predator, instead of fleeing or fighting, they simply become still.

Sightings like this are few and far between, with Monterey Bay Whale Watch saying this opportunity only comes around every five years or so.

Apparently a living shark is super food for growing baby orcas, so the mums have done very well there.

The circle of life, ey.