World's best airline 2019 : Qatar Airways and HIA top in global ranking

  • 1 year ago
World's best airline 2019 : Qatar Airways and HIA top in global ranking

Hamad International Airport has been positioned at number one on the planet in AirHelp Score 2019, Global Airport Ranking. In Global Airline Ranking via AirHelp Score 2019, Qatar Airways has been proclaimed as the best worldwide carrier for traveler experience. 

Among the best worldwide air terminals, Tokyo International Airport (Japan) and Athens International Airport (Greece) are at number 2 and 3 individually. 

Among the best worldwide carriers, Qatar Airways is trailed by American Airlines at number 2 and Aeromexico at number 3.

The AirHelp Score on carriers demonstrates to one which aircrafts offer the best administration, fly on schedule, and treat travelers reasonably if issues happen. AirHelp Score is determined on different elements including on-time execution, administration quality, guarantee handling. 

For on-time execution, AirHelp assembles entry and takeoff measurements for each plane and ascertain what number of a carrier's flights are on timetable. For administration quality, AirHelp overviewed a large number of air travelers around the globe and requested that they rate the sustenance, solace and team of their most utilized aircrafts while guarantee preparing identifies with how proficiently carriers handle pay claims, including to what extent it takes them to pay out. 


For air terminal positioning as well, score was determined on various variables. For on-time execution, AirHelp utilized the on-time execution measurements for each air terminal to compute how likely it is that your flight will be on schedule. For administration quality, AirHelp solicited thousands from individuals from around the globe to enlighten it regarding client administration, lines and tidiness at their nearby airplane terminals. 

For positioning of airplane terminals, another standard was nourishment and shops. By means of broad studies, AirHelp solicited thousands from individuals to rate airplane terminals' eating and shopping alternatives. Taking a gander at 133 airplane terminals everywhere throughout the world, AirHelp utilized a mix of flight information and client input, positioning every air terminal dependent on practicality (60%), nature of administration (20%) and accessibility of sustenance and shops (20%) for voyagers, Forbes announced. Hamad International Airport was named best airplane terminal on the planet for its on-time record and plenty of shops for explorers. 

The 10 Best Airports of 2019: Hamad International Airport, Qatar; Tokyo International Airport, Japan; Athens International Airport, Greece; Afonso Pena International Airport, Brazil; Gdansk Lech Wałęsa Airport, Poland; Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia; Changi Airport Singapore, Singapore; Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, India; Tenerife North Airport, Spain and Viracopos/Campinas International Airport, Brazil. For the second year straight, Qatar Airways positioned as the top carrier, trailed by American Airlines, Aeromexico, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, and Qantas in the best five, Bloomberg announced.