World Day of Social Justice: Qatar Charity utilizes technology to bridge digital divide

  • 2 months   ago

World Day of Social Justice, which is observed every year on February 20, supports the efforts made by the international community to achieve sustainable development, eradicate poverty, promote employment and decent work, and provide universal social protection, gender equality, and social well-being. The theme of World Day of Social Justice 2021 is "A Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy"

“Over the past decade, expansion in broadband connectivity, cloud computing, and data has led to the proliferation of digital platforms, which have penetrated several sectors of the economy and societies. Since early 2020, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to remote working arrangements and allowed for the continuation of many business activities, further reinforcing the growth and impact of the digital economy”, according to the United Nations.

“The crisis has also laid bare and exacerbated the growing digital divide within, between and across developed and developing countries, particularly in terms of the availability, affordability, and use of information ICTs and access to the internet, deepening existing inequalities”, according to United Nations.

Marking World Day of Social Justice, Qatar Charity continues its efforts for social justice in various parts of the world and seeks to provide digital solutions to enable students, especially in crisis-hit places, to continue their education in order to build their future.

Qatar charity also seeks to provide training and empowerment opportunities through digital platforms and facilitate access to technology to develop the capabilities of youth. In crisis-hit areas, Qatar Charity has embarked on adopting digital solutions for humanitarian causes, including providing education to millions of refugee children and youth.

Qatar Charity contributed to the launch of the World Refugee School (WRS) initiative, in cooperation with its founding partners, to offer the best digital solutions to provide quality education for refugees and internally displaced people around the world and give internationally recognized certificates to students. The school is characterized by providing solutions to the crisis of interruption of education for 20 million children in conflict-affected areas.

Qatar Charity (QC) has launched ‘Noon’, a remotely teaching, training, and empowering platform, to meet the cultural, educational, and social needs of society in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The platform has managed to implement many programs and training workshops, reaching its intended objectives while taking precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

Qatar Charity launched ‘Tamkeen’, an integrated training program offered remotely via its social media accounts, as part of the ‘Noon’ platform, to enhance the economic, social, and psychological skills of participants. The program included six different types of training workshops. Some 45 persons took part in these workshops.


The ‘Noon’ platform also trained youth to improve their electronic skills and capabilities so that they can take advantage of the Internet in marketing projects and discovering opportunities. Some 100 male and female participants benefited from the electronic skill development course.

Source: Qatar Charity