Winter aid batch delivered to the displaced and Syrian refugees

  • 3 months   ago

Winter aid batch delivered to the displaced and Syrian refugees

In response to the harsh winter conditions that threaten the lives of millions of vulnerable refugees and IDPs, Qatar Charity continues to provide urgent winter aid to the displaced and Syrian refugees as part of its "warmth and peace" campaign. The campaign targets displaced Syrian inside Syria and refugees in Turkey to alleviate their suffering amid the worsening humanitarian conditions. The campaign will deliver winterization supplies such as shelter, blankets, clothes, and heating supplies.

Harbanoush camp

Qatar Charity has provided urgent support to vulnerable refugee families in northern Syria where 300 clothing items have been distributed to 300 families, in addition to 600 food parcels in Harbanoush camp in Idlib.

Preparations are in full swing to distribute new urgent aid batches in northern Syria camps targeting about 41.200 affected families. The aid batch includes 2.000 tents with insulators, 11.400 winter clothing bags, 5.000 food packages, 5.5 million bread bundles, 5.000 mattresses, 5.000 winter blankets, and 1.000 personal hygiene kits for the displaced.

Tents and isolators

As part of the "Warmth and Peace" campaign, launched last November, Qatar Charity has provided assistance to protect refugees and displaced persons from the threatening cold weather. The assistance included setting tents for more than 5,100 families, in addition to more than 18,000 tents insulation in northern Syria. Besides, 600 tents were recently provided for the displaced in north Aleppo. QC has also distributed food baskets and heating materials to Syrian refugees in Urfa, close to the Syrian-Turkish border.


Winter clothes for orphans

Qatar Charity's efforts were not limited to providing aid to the refugees. Qatar Charity has also signed a memorandum of understanding with the municipality of Üsküdar in the Turkish city of Istanbul to distribute winter clothes for more than 4,000 thousand orphans and children from needy families from Syrian refugees and the host community.

One million displaced Syrians live in the camps along the northwestern border strip between Syria and Turkey. Qatar Charity extended its thanks and gratitude to contributors from Qatar, noting that their support is still needed during the harsh winter and the dire humanitarian circumstances with heavy rains and snowfall.

Source: Qatar Charity