Unstable weekend weather; scattered rain likely

  • 3 months   ago
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Unstable weekend weather; scattered rain likely

Climate charts show that the nation skies might be influenced by a condition of insecurity because of the expansion of low pressure over the region amid the period between Friday, February 15 until Sunday, February 17. 

Cloud sum expected to increment continuously tomorrow (Friday) with a chance of scattered light rain. 

Chance of rain expected to enhance Saturday and Sunday with good conditions for d scattered rain of variable force may thundery now and again in a few areas.

Northwesterly crisp to solid breeze expected to begin influencing the nation on Sunday causing high waves extending between 8 to 12 ft in all regions just as a drop in temperatures with virus conditions expected during the evening and early morning. 

Qatar Meteorology Department urged occupants to be watchful amid thundery rain which is generally joined by sudden solid breeze, abstain from going to ocean amid the period between Saturday to Monday just as to finish most recent updates its web-based social networking accounts.