UN official praises Qatar’s support for the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism

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UN official praises Qatar’s support for the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism

Under-Secretary of the UN Counter-Terrorism Office Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov commended the help given by the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism. 

He made the comments at a gathering of the Committee on Peace and International Security to examine a draft goals on the unacceptability of the utilization of soldiers of fortune as methods for undermining harmony and infringement of human rights, which was a piece of the 140th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. 

The Under-Secretary of the UN Counter-Terrorism Office expressed gratitude toward the State of Qatar for giving solid help to the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism and there is close collaboration among Qatar and the Office around there. 

He likewise adulated the State of Qatar's dynamic commitment to endeavors of avoiding vicious prejudice, indicating the pretended by game in such manner. He said that Qatar's facilitating of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and its endeavors in the games field will add to the advancement of endeavors to anticipate savage narrow mindedness. 


Voronkov explored the pretended by the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism around there, saying that in spite of the fact that the age of this office did not surpass two years, it had the capacity to accomplish numerous accomplishments, clarifying that there were 38 areas of the United Nations worried here. In any case, the foundation of the Office has added to the solidification of United Nations endeavors in such manner. 

He likewise focused on the significance of participation with parliamentarians to actualize the reports radiating from the United Nations and the Security Council in connection to countering fear based oppression, focusing on the significance of parliaments around the globe in advancing these endeavors and sanctioning national enactment to battle psychological warfare. 

He evaluated the fundamental errands of the Counter-Terrorism Office, showing that it was to lead counter-fear based oppression endeavors through the order given by the General Assembly of the United Nations framework and to upgrade coordination and lucidness among the elements of the Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination (Former Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force), to guarantee the reasonable usage of the four mainstays of the United Nations counter-psychological oppression procedure, to fortify the arrangement of United Nations help to Member States in limit working in counter-fear based oppression, to improve perceivability, backing and asset preparation for United Nations counter-fear mongering endeavors and, guaranteeing that due need is given to counter-fear mongering over the United Nations framework, and that the imperative work in forestalling savage radicalism is solidly established in the technique. 

He called attention to that the Office intends to build up close relations with Security Council bodies, Member States, and to fortify existing and growing new organizations through standard travel and participation at counter-psychological warfare gatherings. 

Individual from the Shura Council,  Mohamed bin Ali Al Hanzab, said amid a discourse in the session that the State of Qatar plays an essential and urgent job in fighting psychological oppression and supporting provincial and global harmony and steadiness. 

He included that HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani in his location to the 73rd session of the General Assembly at the United Nations, called for embracing four conditions to accomplish the disposal of fear based oppression: universal participation, bringing together the norms of battling psychological oppression, tending to its foundations and causes, abstain from giving factional undertone to the term psychological warfare through fitting it to fit into the restricted interests of certain countries. 

As of late, the State of Qatar has seen a few critical activities to battle fear based oppression in view of the laws and enactments it has received. In this unique situation, a few understandings have been marked, national teams have been set up for a similar reason, and an understanding has been marked to set up a part of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Terrorism in Doha. 

He focused on that the State of Qatar has taken numerous activities to keep youngsters from falling prey to psychological warfare, including Silatech activity to give occupations to Arab youth and show a great many kids. 

The State of Qatar has likewise embraced various activities to accomplish harmony in struggle zones, for example, Darfur, harmony among Djibouti and Eritrea, the arrival of transients to Africa and occupation creation. 

He said that Doha is a protected desert spring, harmony and success and they won't rest until others in this world appreciate harmony, security and soundness.