UDC denies rumors circulating on social media about sound system in The Pearl-Qatar mosques

  • 3 months   ago

There is a video circulating on social media, in the past days, about the mosques sound system in The Pearl-Qatar.

The United Development Company (UDC) has clarified that “it has not issued any instructions or procedures regarding the operation of the sound system in mosques at The Pearl-Qatar, and therefore completely denies what was circulated through social media.”

The developer of The Pearl-Qatar has issued a clarification on this matter via its Twitter account:

“With regards to the claim that the sound system was not operational during Friday prayers in mosque No. 249 on 01/01/2021, UDC confirms that all sound systems in the Island's mosques work with the same efficiency and as usual, and that there has been no changes made to the sound in any of the Island's three mosques where Friday prayers are held,” UDC stated.


“To this end, UDC would like to convey its sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, represented by the Mosques Department, for extending unlimited support in organizing and managing mosques on the Island, and for allowing the operation of the two other mosques in addition to the main mosque, in order to avoid congestion and implement precautionary measures as instructed by the competent authorities,” the company added.

Source: United Development Company - UDC