Turkey will expand military base in Qatar

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Turkey will expand military base in Qatar
Turkey-Qatar connection is a coordinated model of co-activity in various fields like political, financial, social and military fields, where the relations have seen quick development since the beginning of the Gulf emergency. What's more, in an ongoing move, Turkey will open another army installation in Qatar this harvest time, every day Hürriyet announced. 
"Another Turkish base has been worked close to Qatar's Tariq Ibn Ziyad army installation," Hürriyet journalist, Hande Fırat, stated, including that the army installation's initiation function was relied upon to be "divulged by the Qatari Emir and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan." 
Turkish fighters were first sent to Qatar in October 2015, trying to add to the provincial harmony and to help reciprocal relations among Turkey and Qatar. In December 2017, the army installation was named the Qatar-Turkey Combined Joint Force Command. 
Since Qatar's Arabic neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahrain, put Doha under a bar in June 2017, Turkey's military nearness has taken on more noteworthy noteworthiness.