Traffic department urges all campers to follow rules and safety conditions

  • 6 days   ago

Meanwhile, the General Directorate - Ministry of Interior has said that it will show zero tolerance with regards to any irregularities or violations to specifications set by the Ministry regarding camping and caravans.

The winter camping season every year poses a major challenge to the General Directorate of Traffic in terms of making campers adhere to traffic safety measures to contain number of traffic accidents.


The violations normally are such like driving motorcycles and cars without driving licenses by minors. Also caravans and trailers are frequently taken to camping sites without following the safety requirements are among violations that usually causes accidents.

The Traffic Department has urged all campers to adhere to the rules and safety conditions for camping specially the ones related to transportation of caravans to winter camping sites.

In the same time, the General Directorate of the Ministry of Interior said that it will show zero tolerance with any irregularities or violations to the specifications set by the Ministry of Interior.

On its Twitter account, the Department has set safety requirements for the caravans, including that the maximum width is 2.60 metres with its load, the maximum length is 3.5 metres for one axis, the maximum length of the two axis is 5 metres.

For the height of the caravan, the Department said that the maximum height is 4.20 metres with the load. The safety requirements also include the necessity to provide backlighting that works with the trailers, in addition to providing a fire extinguisher.

The Traffic Department in 2017 had issued procedures regarding the use of caravans which are used frequently during winter campaign.

The Traffic Department will carry out an awareness campaign in the camping areas to educate the campers about safety measures, especially young people, in order to reduce violations such as reckless driving. 

Apart from awareness programmes, a special committee had already been constituted to address the serious issue of traffic accidents in the Sealine area. The committee will start its work from the beginning of the winter camping season, said a senior official at the Ministry of Interior (MoI). The registration process for winter camping season 2020-21, began on October 11.