Top 5 Karak Cafes in Town

  • 6 days   ago
Karak is a popular drink that can delight tea lovers at any time of the day or night. Billed as Qatar's national tea beverage, the ever popular Karak has its origins in India and Pakistan (Kadak – means strong).
Here is our list of top 5 best Karak spots in town to titillate the taste buds of every true tea connoisseur. 
Karak Stop takes top spot as it is a specialty tea destination for lovers of  Karak, chapati and everything that goes with it. The top notch tea café is designed and tailored especially to the expectations of Qatar's karak loving community! 
Karak Stop believes that the popular tea is more than just a drink - it's a universal language, it's a social gathering, it's what gets everyone going in the morning.
Apart from Karak, also on offer are  Herbal Tea, Hot Coffee, Iced Coffee, Milk Shakes, Energy Drinks, Soda, Water variety of Juices. A mouth-watering range of snacks await you and the highlight is the unique Tandoori Chai. 
Download the Karak Stop app on your smartphone for home delivery and their two delicious stops are located in the Mall Of Qatar and the Landmark Mall.
At Karak Stop tea, coffee and chapatis are not just their business — it's their passion.
Located at Katara Cultural Village, the Karak from Chapati and Karak is popular spot for visitors to Katara.
Apart from the idyllic location and good taste at slightly premium prices it also offers chapatti with various delicious toppings. 
Chapati and Karak has an outdoor setting and also a branch in London, offering a taste of Doha abroad. 
The traffic in and around this location is something one has to patiently endure to get a cuppa of Karak.
One of the oldest tea shops in town, the Karak at Al Naimi is just right, neither too sweet  or too milky but a perfect blend and balance of flavors. You can always take a large empty flask and get it filled depending on the size of your flask. 
Of course, their small and medium sized Karak is their most popular item their small size selling for one riyal and their medium for two riyals.
Sandwiches of different varieties are also available and its one of those stop-n-honk Karak shops with several different branches all across Doha.
Tea Time is a ever popular hot spot for Karak lovers in town. Their Karak is good, but can sometimes be too sweet for those not having a sweet tooth. 
Tea Time is also known their popcorn chicken, lotus cheesecake, chocolate soufflé, and Mahalabia. Spread over many different branches around Doha their locations are crowded by cars and tea lovers surrounding the entrance. 
Tea Time also fills up flasks with Karak and paper cups for smaller sips.
Baba Chapatea main location is in Al Wakrah and the tea tastes like the standard Karak but with a unique twist of honey is a specialty. 
Baba Chapatea is also known for its parathas, and of course offers a variety of other items on its menu.  
Baba Chapatea’s bestselling dishes are Twister Toaster Paratha and Mexican Paratha Pizza, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to
choose from, like Baba Signature Paratha and Paratha Pizza.