The Candid Talk with Anshu Jain, A Heart to Heart with Sarah Khan

  • 1 week ago

In our newly launched show “The Candid Talk with Anshu Jain” the first episode was shared on the 28th of June, our host Anshu Jain interviewed Sarah Khan, a speaker, advocate, activist and a prominent peace monger. Her ongoing work in engaging local communities in confronting Islamophobia, and as an advocate for empathy, has brought her as a guest speaker at schools across Southern California, churches, synagogues, on TEDx, Hult Prize United Nations, Al Jazeera's AJ+, local newspaper, as well as a guest spots on local television, radio, podcast, a feature in Forbes Magazine, Muslims of America, & cover story in Toastmasters Magazine. Sarah has presented keynotes, workshops, and talks for various organizations in the US, Middle East & India. Sarah also co-authored Hidi Lee's "Sexy with No Boundaries".

We had a very fruitful and inspiring talk with her, on various important current issues starting with the most significant and philosophical question “What’s Life?”, then she explained her view about being unapologetically authentic. She spoke about the scale on which one should measure the importance and effect of other’s opinion on their lives, the impact of others’ opinion on ourselves and the extent of the importance of freewill and why it must matter to us.


Sarah Khan continued to answer the interesting questions posed by the host Anshu, on her getting the peace of mind when she gives her piece of mind to other. In reply of the next question, she elaborated on the issue of people’s judgment passing and the people who should be allowed to move in our move out of lives. Then she explained about including the subject of “Being Human” in our lives, our knowledge and comprehension of the idea of “Being Human”, and our passing along these important values to the next generation.

Since Sarah Khan’s list of expertise and activities is endless as she is an advocate, a human activist, a professional speaker, an amazing cook, and a fashion designer, our host asked her about her voyage of sailing, which she just did it instantaneous, as soon as she got that idea, and the mental strength a person needs to decide something like that momentarily. Then she elaborated on her voyages that made her a successful communicator and a powerful orator. Then she spoke about getting the peace and how she became a peace monger. Finally, she explained about combating loneliness and balancing between the world outside and the world within, and creating balance between our feelings and the projection of ourselves.