Temporary signalised roundabout at Al Waab Intersection opened

  • 3 months   ago
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Temporary signalised roundabout at Al Waab Intersection opened

The Public Works Authority, 'Ashghal', has reported the opening of a brief signalized circuitous at Al Waab Intersection including the couple of impermanent street format changes. 

Transitory street design changes incorporate Mehairja Street extension from one path to two paths toward every path; new eastward association from Mehairja Street to Al Samriya Street through Al Khufoos and Al Baidaa Streets; and adding a third path to turn left at Mehairja Intersection for those originating from Muaither.


These impermanent format changes have been planned as a team with the General Directorate of Traffic to encourage the development of the exchange that will supplant Al Waab Intersection and another flyover with four paths toward every path along Al Bustan Street South. It will be executed on February 23, 2019, and will stay set up for a time of sixteen (16) months. 

Street clients venturing out east from Muaither to Al Sadd, utilizing Al Waab Street, can use an elective course through Mehairja and Al Khufoos Streets. 

The Public Works Authority will introduce street signs instructing drivers with respect to the traffic move and demands all street clients to keep the 50kph speed limit and pursue the street signs to guarantee their wellbeing.