Sudan officials allow it back into Khartoum - Al-Jazeera

  • 9 months   ago
Sudan officials allow it back into Khartoum - Al-Jazeera
CAIRO — The satellite news station Al-Jazeera says Sudanese specialists have permitted the re-opening of its dresser in Khartoum after it was shut more than two months prior. 
The Qatar-financed telecaster said Friday that a movement boycott forced on its dresser boss in the Sudanese capital was lifted and that all hardware seized following the shutdown was given back. 
In May, Sudan's specialists shut down the Al-Jazeera department just a couple of days in front of a fatal crackdown on an enormous challenge protest. 
The military, under strain from expert vote based system activists, cut down long-lasting dictatorial president Omar al-Bashir and stayed in the city requesting a regular citizen government. 
The transition to shut down Al-Jazeera was viewed as a component of a more extensive media and web power outage forced by the decision military chamber. 
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