Student Registration Starts in Public Schools today

  • 2 years   ago
Student Registration Starts in Public Schools today

On Wednesday, new Qatari students will be permitted to enlist just through school, paying little heed to their land territory, as per the two-day government confirmation and enrollment approach, while the new Qatari students will be moved through the school for the following two days paying little respect to their geological zone. 

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has declared the base age for admission to kindergarten, pre-school and first grade with the goal that Qatari guardians, residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council States children and Qatari youngsters can enroll at the kindergarten until 31/12/2015, and in the pre-school grade until 31/12/2014. 


The Ministry has distinguished the reports required for enrollment, including those for students moved from private schools to government-funded schools and students from outside the State of Qatar. The Ministry asked the individuals who might want more data about the enrollment, the period of acknowledgment and the records required to visit the service's authentic site.