Six QAWS dogs fly off to their new lives

  • 4 weeks   ago
Qatar Animal Welfare Society
Another seven scheduled to fly out tomorrow to Canada.
Early yesterday morning saw six gorgeous Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) dogs flying off to their new lives.
And another seven lovely dogs are scheduled to fly out tomorrow to the cool climes of Toronto, Canada. Five of these pets are from QAWS while the other two are from PAWS Rescue.
QAWS is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in Qatar which is funded purely by public donations along with offers of support from volunteers - it is home to over 300 animals. 
Speaking exclusively to QATARDAY, Kelly Allen of QAWS said, “We are delighted to inform you that six canines - Earl, Grey, Britney, Tag, Ginny and Bonny all left Doha early yesterday morning and flew with their amazing flight buddy Nichole into Toronto. They had a quick stopover for some exercise and a snack and then hopped on their next flight over to Vancouver where they will all join their new families.”
“We are also happy for these guys and girls, especially all the long-term residents who finally get a chance of a new life. A huge thank you to Nichole the flight buddy for being the guinea pig in sending rescues through Toronto for the first time, we really appreciate her patience. As always, it couldn't happen without all the amazing foster families, airport volunteers and adopters, all of them have changed these dog's lives forever,” she added.
According to Kelly, the last two pups - Earl and Grey are of the TeaBag litter who were born at QAWS almost two years ago and they join their mum, brother and two sisters in being adopted in Canada.
Britney is the last of the Singers litter to find a home after been born at QAWS almost 3 years ago and hopefully she can meet up with one of her brothers who also now lives in Canada. Britney’s mother and other siblings were adopted locally. Kelly went to explain, “Bonny is one of our B pups who came into the shelter at just four weeks old over two years ago. Two of her siblings were also rehomed in Canada, one has been adopted locally in Doha but two sisters still remain at QAWS waiting for their chance to be adopted. Tag and Ginny are both more recent rescues but have spent 11 and 7 months respectively sitting at QAWS waiting to be picked but were constantly overlooked.” 
QAWS are thankful to their partners Fur Bae Rescue for finding them all such amazing homes to go to, as well as funding all their travel costs, as they would never be able to afford to give these dogs such a great new life without them. 
On behalf of QAWS, Kelly made a special request to QATARDAY readers and all animal lovers in Qatar, “If you are traveling on Qatar Airways into the US or Canada and would be happy to accompany some rescues as a flight buddy, please get in touch with us for more information, as there are dozens more rescue animals in Doha waiting for their chance to start a new life.”
About QAWS
QAWS was founded in April 2004 with a mission to promote animal welfare through education. And to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, abused, neglected animals and offer advice and guidance to the best of their ability to anyone with an animal related issue or question.
In September 2009, QAWS suffered a devastating fire which destroyed the shelter’s buildings but once more through amazing community support, QAWS was able to rebuild a bigger and better facility.
Unfortunately, once again, in November 2016 disaster struck in form of unprecedented rainfall and an outdated drainage caused the whole QAWS site to flood, rising 3 feet in a matter of hours. 
QAWS appealed to the community for the third time for help and a temporary site was set up and running within 12 hours. Finally, QAWS moved their current site eight months later.
For more information on how you can help donate or adopt a pet, visit the QAWS website: