Significant decline in crime rates in Qatar during 2018

  • 2 years   ago
Significant decline in crime rates in Qatar during 2018

The Ministry of the Interior prevailing with regards to reducing the rate of carrying out significant wrongdoings in 2018 for each 100,000 occupants from the rate of worldwide security by 98.3%, in spite of the expansion in the populace in the state amid the year 2018 by 3.6%. 

Statistics and indicators of the Ministry of Interior for 2018 demonstrated a noteworthy decrease in the rate of criminal offenses carried out amid 2018 for each 100,000 individuals, where murder recorded 0.4, an abatement of 95% from the worldwide rate of eight instances of homicide. 

In the bothered assault,it recorded 0.2, a lessening of 99.8% from the worldwide rate of up to 100 attacks. It recorded 0.1 in robbery cases, 99.9% underneath the worldwide normal of 100 robberies, 0.1 in conscious flame violations, which is 99.6% lower than the worldwide normal of 25, and 0.6 instances of constrained burglary, 99.4%% lower than the worldwide normal of up to 100 wrongdoings. 

This is because of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior in keeping up security preventing crime and reassuring citizens and residents.

Because of the endeavors of the General Directorate for Drug Enforcement, insights and markers of the Ministry of Interior indicated critical diminishing in the rate of medication maltreatment in the nation. The rate of medication misuse was 0.1% of the absolute populace, a lessening of 95% from the worldwide rate of abusers, which is 2%. 


The security markers were sure and surpassed the worldwide extents. 

The insights uncovered that the all out number of wrongdoings in 2018 diminished by 2.4% contrasted and 2017. 88.3% of the all out wrongdoings carried out in 2018 were minor violations, for example, check cases, violations,non-criminal fights. 

Major crimes 

Major crimes against open security represented 0.1 percent of all wrongdoings submitted in 2018. Insights demonstrated a decrease in wrongdoing rates in 2018 by 14.5 percent contrasted with 2017. 

The wrongdoing of fabrication diminished by 31.8% contrasted with 2017, violations of minor strikes and fights by 19.1%, violations of break of trust by 18.8%, wrongdoings of non-installment by 16.3% and the robbery of autos by 13.9%. This demonstrates a checked improvement in the dimension of security circumstance in the nation contrasted with 2017. 

Human Resource: 

Furthermore, the Ministry has built up its execution level proficiently and successfully through its astuteness in the improvement of HR through preparing programs. The pointers demonstrated limit building and updating of the abilities of 30,000 representatives at the work place and the enlistment of 2000 workers every year in inside and outer courses. This has brought about raising the dimension of their abilities and reasonable experience. The Ministry additionally expands the quantity of ladies workers in the Ministry every year by (5%). The markers demonstrated an expansion in the level of employment fulfillment among the female staffs of the Ministry to 90%. Moreover, the Ministry holds a substantial number of office posts for individuals with unique needs. 

Service Sector: 

In the Service and awareness fields, the 2018 markers recorded huge advancement contrasted with the accomplishments of 2017. 

Administration exchanges to the open expanded by 3.2% in 2018 to 72,200,506 exchanges amid the year, with 200557 day by day exchanges around, while the rates of the year 2017recorded 69954184 exchanges, with 194314 every day. 

The General Directorate of Passports finished the rundown with 22837019 exchanges, while the General Directorate of Traffic finished 10111677 exchanges. The Airport Passports Department finished 13510610 exchanges to travelers, while the quantity of administrations given by Metrash2 came to around 14389763 through advanced mobile phones. 

The crisis call administration (999) enrolled 2447,015 calls, and the applications for visas and exchange of sponsorship produced 76,7069 applications. The structure licenses were issued for 89,755 candidates, while 71497 new vehicles were enrolled and 53780 authentications of good lead were issued. 

In 2018, the Medical Services Department of the Ministry of Interior gave restorative administrations to 701,654 patients. 

The Civil Defense Department of the Ministry in 2018 quenched 1922 flame episodes and did 1203 salvage and help tasks. 

The level of open fulfillment over the administrations of the Ministry's specialties was 90%, and 90% of the open grumblings were settled inside five days of accepting the grievance. 

With respect to mindfulness, the quantity of mindfulness projects, exercises and mindfulness activities actualized by the Ministry expanded by 5%. The quantity of understudies of schools and colleges profiting by mindfulness projects of the Ministry of the Interior expanded by 10%. 

The quantity of recipients expanded by 5% in 2018, contrasted with the earlier year 2017, just as expanded the quantity of mindfulness programs gave to the networks by 5% from the earlier year, and the quantity of ostracize laborers profiting by the Ministry's mindfulness programs by 10%.