Siege countries planned to invade Qatar before imposing blockade: Attiyah

  • 4 weeks   ago
Siege countries planned to invade Qatar before imposing blockade: Attiyah

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defence Affairs HE Dr Khalid bin Mohamed Al Attiyah has said the blockading countries prepared a plan to invade Qatar before imposing the blockade.

Attiyah told this to Al Jazeera’s “Distance Zero” programme on Sunday.

“Turkey is an ally of us, and it is a Muslim country and a member of NATO, so why are the blockading countries bothered about the presence of their forces in Qatar even though the Al Udeid base includes American, British and French forces and they are not bothered by their presence?” Attiyah said.

The programme also revealed the names of an Emirati network in Cairo specialised in attacking Qatar and Turkey. The suspicious ‘Qatarileaks’ account that Twitter recently closed was run from a furnished apartment in Ahmed Abdulaziz Street in Cairo.

Distance Zero programme got the testimony of a former employee of the QatariLeaks who confirmed that Emirati company, Dot_Dev, began preparing the platform at the end of 2016, coinciding with its move against Qatar in Washington.

The programme also revealed that a message from the UAE ambassador to Washington Yusef Al Otaiba to Robert Gates, the former US Secretary of Defence, revealed a clear incitement from Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed against Qatar.


Distance Zero programme got leaked correspondence from Egypt about the moves of the blockading countries to attack Qatar in the American Congress.

The blockading countries launched media and electronic campaigns against Qatar in conjunction with an accountability session in the US Congress attended by officials from some of the blockading countries, including the UAE, to incite against Qatar.

The tag “Qatar supports terrorism” was first launched from an Emirati account in 2013 and was activated again a month before the blockade.

Attiyah told the programme that Qatar has strong laws to combat terrorism and its financing and Qatar is the only country in the world after World War II that has a joint operations squadron with Britain.

He said US President Donald Trump backtracked on his position in support of the blockading countries as soon as he understood the strategic relationship between Qatar and the United States.