Sidra performs first pediatric epilepsy surgeries

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Sidra performs first pediatric epilepsy surgeries

Sidra Medicine has effectively performed two noteworthy neurosurgeries on youthful epilepsy patients inside a range of ten days. The medical procedures mark another first in a progression of notable restorative achievements accomplished by the medicinal services association in Qatar, since opening its inpatient clinic a year prior. 

The main medical procedure was performed on a two-year-old young lady at Sidra Medicine's new neurosurgery intra-employable MRI theater suite (IMRIS). Sidra Medicine is one of only a handful couple of ladies and kids' emergency clinics in the district to have a committed pediatric IMRIS suite just as a few lead pediatric sub-claims to fame including nervous system science, craniofacial and plastic medical procedure, urology and cardiology. 


Alaa had restoratively obstinate epilepsy bringing about wild seizures on various occasions multi day, in this way expanding the danger of harming herself. Her condition was not receptive to epilepsy medicine and other non-obtrusive treatment alternatives. Patients with immovable epilepsy additionally face the likelihood of abrupt unexplained passing in the event that they have seizures amid their rest. This happens to a little extent of epileptic patients with dangers expanding as they become more established. 

Alaa's pre-medical procedure interview included demonstrative imaging with atomic prescription and radiology to distinguish the anomalous tissue in the correct side of her mind that was causing the epileptic seizures. 

She was alluded for neurosurgery by Sidra Medicine's Division of Pediatric Neurology's new sub-strength Multidisciplinary Epilepsy Surgery center. The facility comprises of specialists from nervous system science, neurosurgery, atomic drug and radiology. 

A group comprising of 21 medicinal and careful experts, driven by Division Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery Dr. Ian Pople and Neurosurgeon Dr Khalid Al Kharazi, led the medical procedure for a few hours including a hour for the utilization of the intraoperative MRI. 

Dr Pople who joined Sidra Medicine in late 2018 from the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol and represents considerable authority in all parts of pediatric neurosurgery stated: "Alaa's medical procedure was profoundly perplexing as it likewise included electrical observing, to guarantee that we didn't stray into territories of the mind that were identified with versatility. After the irregular tissue was expelled, we checked her cerebrum quickly with the MRI suite to guarantee that no lingering unusual tissue was left. Our capacity to do such propelled medical procedure is characteristic of the dimension of skill that we have in Qatar just as the venture that the legislature of Qatar has made in offering best in class care." 

Alaa's mom stated: "We are really appreciative that our youngster had a chance to have this life-sparing medical procedure in Qatar. We were at first very stressed over her experiencing significant medical procedure at such a youthful age. Be that as it may, we additionally understood that the more we postponed it, the higher the dangers were of harming herself. We even looked for a second feeling from Europe and were exceptionally consoled when we were informed that the medical procedure and care that our youngster was accepting at Sidra Medicine from specialists in nervous system science and medical procedure was, best case scenario practice worldwide norms." 

"It is each parent's desire to do the best for their kids and we couldn't have requested a superior emergency clinic and therapeutic group, especially under the consideration of such experienced specialists, for example, Dr Ian Pople and Dr Khalid Al Kharazi and our nervous system science nurture professional Kathleen Teta. Since the medical procedure, we never again need to stress over the seizures and our little girl is cheerful and solid. Much obliged to you Sidra Medicine and Qatar Foundation for conveying this particular emergency clinic to Qatar. You have changed the life of our little girl as well as our own as well!" Alaa's mom proceeded. 

The second neurosurgery case included a 12-year-old young lady who had been languishing epilepsy over numerous years because of a favorable tumor in the front of her mind. With various seizures daily, she was at consistent danger of damage. She also was alluded for medical procedure by the Multidisciplinary Epilepsy Surgery Clinic at Sidra Medicine. 

The patient's medical procedure, additionally directed by Dr Pople and Dr Al Kharazi, included the expulsion of the tumor and encompassing anomalous tissue. Since the activity, the patient has just observed her seizures decreased and is currently on a prescription program to help deal with her condition. It is trusted her seizures will in the end stop totally. 

With the dispatch of the epilepsy neurosurgery at Sidra Medicine, pediatric patients in Qatar and the area currently approach best in class gear and a universal group of specialists ready to play out the most mind boggling medical procedure and treatment methods, wiping out the need to travel more distant abroad for consideration and treatment.