Severe punishment for public hygiene rules Violators: Al Shafi

  • 2 years   ago
Severe punishment for public hygiene rules Violators: Al Shafi

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment spoken to by the General Cleanliness Department has focused on that it gives high significance on keeping up cleanliness at shorelines and islands since they are outing spots. 

Be that as it may, some privately owned businesses and specialists who visit a portion of these open spots have been found not conforming to open cleanliness law or carry on in a way that keeps open spots not happy for different guests. 

Eid Al Fitr occasion is one of the events where individuals hurry to shorelines and open parks. Photographs flowed yesterday indicated squanders dispersed along the Sealine Beach left by laborers who visited the shoreline during the occasions. 

This happened yesterday despite the fact that there are in excess of 60 little refuse holders, and 15 major compartments in the area, said Safar Mubarak Al Shafi, Undersecretary for General Services Affairs at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. 


This is occurring primarily on account of absence of mindfulness, and organizations are not giving essential mandates to the specialists about the significance of keeping these open places clean and putting the losses in assigned holders, he included. 

Organizations must give these laborers waste packs to clean the spots, the Undersecretary for General Services Affairs at the Ministry said. 

Al Shafi included that the Ministry gives all vital help including specialists and gear to keep up cleanliness at the open places during the time as they get a major number of guests particularly during the Eid, ends of the week and other authority occasions. 

With respect to the photographs circled yesterday about the Sealine shoreline, Al Shafi told the Peninsula that the photos were taken when the specialists left the site and before the laborers accountable for cleaning the shoreline achieved the site early morning. This happened on the grounds that the quantity of laborers who visited the shoreline was huge, and there was a major horde of specialists from various organizations. 

At 6.30am the site was completely cleaned and no waste was left, on the grounds that the Ministry had allotted 100 specialists to clean these spots twice consistently in the first part of the day and night shifts, he included. Guests are consequently mentioned to participate with the Ministry in keeping up cleanliness at shorelines and islands by tossing refuse on assigned spots and waste containers. 

This implies they need to clean the spot and keep up it and regard the Public Hygiene Law. 

Al Shafi focused on that General Cleanliness Department had propelled a program for cleaning shorelines to cover all regions of the nation, specifically during Eid and different occasions, including that the program is being executed easily with no effect on day by day schedule work of the Department. 

Al Shafi said the Ministry will implement the law and bring every one of the individuals who disregard the Public Hygiene Law, regardless of whether they are people or organizations, to equity as the law stipulates serious disciplines for infringing upon the law, including colossal fines of up to QR25,000. 

The law additionally prescribes jail sentences of as long as one year if genuine transgressions of the law are demonstrated. 

Fines for minor infringement have been expanded fivefold, extending from QR100 to QR500.