Severe fines for smokers & dealers of e-cigarettes in Qatar

  • 2 years   ago
Severe fines for smokers & dealers of e-cigarettes in Qatar

Criminal Court Department of the Court of First Instance has issued various decisions against providers and smokers of electronic cigarettes, which was purchased wrongfully into the nation. 

A few violators were condemned to jail and many fined. Shipments seized from providers were appropriated by experts, Arabic daily Al Sharq said in a report.

The court is putting weight on electronic cigarette vendors and smokers as it is a wellbeing danger and not lawful to use in Qatar. These items could wreck cerebrum and lung cells and lead to heart assault and chest diseases. Stud-ies have demonstrated electronic cigarettes are no less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. 


The courts have likewise fixed punishments for different kinds of tobacco like 'tumbaku' (biting tobacco) and 'swaika'. 

As indicated by the law advertisers and providers of electronic cigarette are likewise punished. The report cited attorney Manaa Nasser Saleh as saying that electronic shisha and cigarettes contain lethal substances that could cause se-vere threat to human body, particularly to the respiratory framework. 

He called attention to that the nation has taken different activities incorporating 100% expansion in expense on tobacco items, which has diminished cigarette utilization. A huge number of riyals are spent on wellbeing and helpful segment to battle illnesses that outcome from the destructive impacts of smoking. 

Another legal advisor, Hind Al-Saffar, was cited as saying that the Penal Code condemns electronic cigarettes be-cause they are unsafe to body and mind, upsetting day by day lives and contrarily affecting practices as they contain a lot of tobacco and lethal substances. 

Article 44 of the Anti-Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law permits reallocation of hazardous opiate substances, psychotropic substances or plants. 

It likewise permits appropriation of apparatuses, hardware, vessels and methods for transport that have been utilized in the commis-sion of the wrongdoing. 

Article 46 of the Penal Code gives that a fine of not in excess of 20,000 riyals and at least 10,000 riyals will be forced on any individual who has been exchanging or have perilous opiate substances or psychotropic substanc-es. 

Article 47 stipulates that any individual who submits some other infringement of the arrangements of this law or the choices will be at risk to detainment for a period not surpassing three months and at the very least one month and a fine not surpassing ten thousand riyals and at least five thousand riyals.