Road toll gates to be activated after two years: Official

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Road toll gates to be activated after two years: Official
The gates are located in both directions on the February 22 Road near the Midmac bridge. The Peninsula

A senior official at the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) said as of late that the toll gates will be operational simply after the fulfillment of all road projects. 

In a remark to Al Sharq Arabic daily, GDT Director Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, said that the actuation of electronic toll entryways on the roadways is very nearly two years away, after the culmination of all parallel road projects. 

He indicated out the daily that the QGates fall under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. 


Any discussions about charging a specific sum through the electronic doors on the streets are untimely starting at now, he told the Al Sharq. 

"The Q- gates can be made operational when every single parallel street are prepared for use," he said. "This new innovation can be utilized on occupied streets so as to ease clog." 

"The point of these entryways is to diminish traffic weight, which will viably reduce clog on streets like 22 February road," he included. 

It is normal that the toll will be gathered through a battery-powered card showed on the windscreen of the vehicle. Each time the vehicle passes the gates, the toll will be consequently deducted from the card.