Rain likely tomorrow: Qatar Met Department

  • 2 months   ago
Rain likely tomorrow: Qatar Met Department

Weather inshore today until 6 am on Tuesday will be relatively hot with local clouds at places and hazy to misty at times by late night, the Department of Meteorology said in its daily weather report.

Offshore, it will be hazy becomes misty at some places later, the report added.

Wind inshore will be southeasterly to northeasterly 05 to 15 knot.

Offshore, it will be southeasterly to northeasterly 03 to 12 knots reaching to 15 knot at times.

Visibility will be 4 to 8 or 3 kilometer at places at times.

Sea state inshore will be 1 to 2 feet. Offshore, it will be 1 to 3 feet rises to 4 feet at times.

On Tuesday, QMD also forecast hazy to misty weather conditions at first, hot daytime with slight dust at times and local clouds. A chance of scattered rain is also predicted on this day.

The minimum and maximum temperature on Tuesday will vary between 30 degrees Celsius and 43 degrees Celsius, respectively.


The wind is expected to blow southeasterly to northeasterly at 5KT to 15 KT and may reach to 19 KT at places by the afternoon, inshore. For offshore, the wind is expected to blow northeasterly to southeasterly at 5 KT to 15 KT, gusting to 20 KT at places at times. 

Sea heights inshore will vary from 1-2ft and will rise to 3ft at places at times. Sea heights offshore will vary from 2-4ft and will rise to 6ft at places at times.

QMD also stated that Tuesday marks the first month of autumn, which is considered a transitional month between summer and winter. "Weather begins to get mild gradually with increasing relative humidity," QMD stated on Twitter.

"The amount of clouds is expected to increase with a chance of rain, maybe thundery at times, especially by afternoon, and the wind is mainly easterly light to moderate in speed," QMD added.