Rain and hail reported from North of Qatar

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Rain and hail reported from North of Qatar

There were reports of rain from in and around Doha on Monday evening.. 

Heavy rain and hail were accounted for from northern regions of the nation. Qatar Meteorology Department posted recordings on their social media handles that indicated rain and hail from Ras Laffan, Kartiyat and Umm Salal – the Northeastern parts of Qatar. 

The climate division additionally said that from today around evening time solid Northwesterly wind is normal and there could be a perceptible drop in temperature. 

Possibility of dissipated rain, thundery now and again, proceeds till Tuesday. Solid Northwesterly wind is required to begin influencing the nation today around evening time blowing at velocities between 18 to 28kt blasting to 35 kt in a few regions. Blustery condition is relied upon to reduce tomorrow (Tuesday) evening while marine alerts proceed until Wednesday, February 13. 

Blustery conditions is relied upon to cause blowing residue and low perceivability particularly in open regions. Moreover, an observable drop in temperature is required contrasted with earlier days with a most extreme/least figure of 22/15°C in Doha. 

Qatar Meteorology Department urged   everybody to be careful and to keep away from every single marine action. 

Climate inshore until 6 pm on Monday will be mostly shady to overcast with dissipated rain possibly thundery now and again and slight residue to blowing dust at spots on occasion, moderately cold by night, cautioning of expected thundery rain at a few spots and solid breeze before dinnertime, the MET said in its every day meteorological forecast. 

Offshore , it will be halfway shady to overcast with dissipated rain at a few places perhaps thundery now and again, cautioning of expected thunder rain at a few spots, solid breeze and high ocean by night, the report included.