QMC launches new studios in honour of late Jassim Abdulaziz

  • 1 month ago
HE the Chief Executive Officer Qatar Media Corp (QMC) Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani inaugurated the launching of new studios bearing the name of late Jassim Abdulaziz in honour and appreciation of his efforts and honourable media career.
The launching of the new studios reflects the enthusiasm to immortalise the memory of one of the most significant figures that contributed to the Qatari media and made much through his unique experience as a presenter of programmes at Qatar TV.
The new studios will be a qualitative addition to the media field in Qatar.
The studios consist of the latest modern technology in television broadcasting, making sure is has an integrated media experience in terms of sound and image.
The studios were established under exceptional circumstances and in record time, to be inaugurated with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, marking a milestone and a new addition to the corporation's advanced facilities in the world of media.
Speaking on the launching of this occasion, HE Sheikh Abdulrahman said that naming the new studios after the late journalist Jassim Abdulaziz comes in recognition of his commitment and uniqueness, and in appreciation of his efforts in the media career through which he served Qatar TV.
He also mentioned that the studios were planned and carried out under exceptional circumstances, but they did not prevent the achievement of this project which is considered an immortalisation of one of the distinguished figures of the corporation and the Qatari media.
He Sheikh Abdulrahman highlighted that the studios will witness the opening of many new programmes, and the re-launch of the famous programme "Lakum Al-Qarar", making note that the new studios will constitute an advanced addition to the media in Qatar with its technological capabilities and its wide area that is suitable for presenting many varieties of programmes.
He honoured the late Jassim Abdulaziz by presenting his brother with a memorial shield carrying one of the microphones the late presenter used during his career in the media field.