QCB issues treasury bills worth QR600 million for April 2021

  • 1 week ago

The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) released treasury bills worth QR 600 million for three, six, and nine months in April 2021.

The treasury bills are allocated as follows, according to a note on the QCB website: QR 300 million for three months at a rate of 0.12 percent, QR 200 million for six months at a rate of 0.14 percent, and QR 100 million for nine months at a rate of 0.16 percent.

The issuing of treasury bills is part of Qatar Central Bank's monetary policy interventions and its attempts to stabilize the financial system and enable free-market operations instruments.

The issuance is also part of a set of issues carried out by Qatar Central Bank on behalf of Qatar's Government and in compliance with a plan prepared by both Qatar Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

For banks trading in Qatar, Treasury bills are released by auction.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar