QC provides safe drinking water to 2,000 residents in Palestine

  • 1 month ago
Qatar Charity (QC) has taken the initiative of providing safe drinking water to 2,000 residents of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, by digging a water well and installing a desalination plant in this area, with joint co-operation with the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA).
This comes within the framework of the co-operation agreement between the QC and PWA to carry out the enhancing projects that offers improving water and sanitation services in the Gaza Strip.
It is expected that QC, in the period to come, will complete the projects that include rehabilitating and maintaining sewage pumping stations in the various governorates of the Gaza Strip.
The project of drilling a water well and installing a desalination plant will offer in reducing the percentage of diseases and deaths caused by unsafe water in this region, along with raising awareness about health and personal hygiene, and restricting the spread of infectious diseases and deadly epidemics like Covid-19. 
The project aims to improve the environmental situation and public safety, reduce displacement from drought-hit areas in search of water sources, and contribute to security and stability in the region.
The beneficiaries extended their great happiness and gratitude towards Qatar Charity for the implementation of the project that will contribute to meeting their water needs.