Qatar’s first learning festival opens

  • 8 months   ago
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The musicians from the Qatar Music Academy Youth Orchestra performing during the opening of ‘Doha Learning Days’ at Ceremonial Court in Education City, yesterday.

Qatar’s first experiential learning festival with a wide range of innovative activities opened in Education City yesterday.

‘Doha Learning Days,’ through its activities, aims to be a catalyst for education that focuses on re-centering learning human values.

The Festival organised by World Innovation Summit (WISE),  an initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF), and powered by ExxonMobil has brought together over 50 local and international organisations to celebrate education over six days.  

The opening ceremony of ‘Doha Learning Days’ featured a performance ‘Digital Detox’ with characters developed by QF’s Qatar Reads, together with musicians from the Qatar Music Academy Youth Orchestra and a script narrated by Actory.  The act synthesised with the interplay between modern technology and traditional culture and values.

The Festival is considered to be a celebration of education which aims to take new experiences and skills into the heart of the local community.

“In a world increasingly defined by the technology around us, we’ve worked closely with our partners to present a programme that places the human element at the forefront of every learning experience. Whether it be the students working collaboratively to tackle questions around the climate crisis, families coming together to explore issues of wellbeing and mental health through play, or just interacting with members of the community through art, music, or simple conversation. Doha Learning Days aims to bring us all together in an exciting, exploration of learning,” said Dr Ameena Hussain, Director of Programs, WISE.

“This is a festival built by the community for the community. Over the past year we have created a new relationship with the community and will continue to flourish as the festival grows each year,” she added.


Stavros N Yiannouka, CEO of WISE, Mohammed Al Hashimi, Vice President and Director of  Government & Public Affairs, ExxonMobil and several others including students and families were present during the opening of the Festival.

Held in partnership with the Qatar Rail, Ooredoo, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the festival aims to turn Doha into a hub for learning in the lead up to the global WISE Summit to be held next week in Doha.

“In November 2018 WISE convened a group of local stakeholders and asked them what they would like to experience in learning. With their feedback, this first experimental ‘Doha Learning Days,’ has brought together the local community in an exciting exploration of education through a range of innovative and meaningful activities in collaboration with local and international partners,” said Farah Abel, Policy development Officer, WISE.

“The Festival aim to bring more than 900 students and welcome the public over the next coming days,” she added.

Including the learning Labs, wellbeing, community activities and mentoring sessions at the Festival offer a multitude of sessions and interactive learning activities to the local community.

The Girls’ Empowerment Day on November 17, Sunday will include a series of female empowerment talks exploring themes related to leadership and innovation. The Torba Farmers Market is also launched in parallel to Doha Learning Days and visitors can find out how to lead more sustainable lifestyles.

‘Doha Learning Days,’ being held at Ceremonial Court and Green Spine in Education City is open and free for the public until November 19. For more information about Doha Learning Days, and to register for specific sessions, visit this link