Qatar’s Falcon New Testing Swiftmile Charging Stations in Doha

  • 1 month ago

Falcon, which is pioneering safe, sustainable, and healthy, tech-enabled, micromobility solutions in Qatar, has signed an exclusive partnership for Qatar with Swiftmile, the US developer of light electric vehicle charging systems.

Under the deal, Falcon will act as exclusive partner for Swiftmile to roll out app-enabled solutions at transportation hubs later this year, testing Swiftmile electric vehicle charging stations in Qatar with Falcon’s fleet of e-bikes, e-scooters and e-mopeds, and other autonomous vehicles.

“This deal represents a key milestone of Falcon’s plan to bring latest technologies and solutions to the country to help the last mile connectivity, what we call micromobility, in cities and destinations,” explained Hussain Abdulla, Falcon’s Co-Founder & Managing Director. “Already operating the biggest charging hubs and docking stations in the US and Europe, Swiftmile has the proven technology to assist us in reaching our goal of becoming an international brand which solves major transport issues with sustainable and health promotion solutions.”

Swiftmile views the agreement as furthering its goal of enabling the adoption of micromobility world wide. Swiftmile is pleased to expand in a region which is increasingly focused on adopting electronic mobility and is poised for tremendous growth.

“Governments throughout the region are eager to pursue more sustainable transport solutions as they look to provide their citizens with optimum mobility solutions while curbing carbon emissions,” explained John McGraw, Co-Founder of Swiftmile. “In Falcon we have found a like-minded partner which is fully committed to creating the future of transportation, which is electric, both within Qatar and the wider region.”

Falcon, which has been established by three Qatari investors, with strong management supported by international partners, with entrepreneurial expertise in ride sharing schemes, artificial intelligence, and advanced technology. The company plans to deliver micromobility solutions to cities and destinations throughout MENA linked to other transportation modes including buses, trains, and cars.

Qatar is Falcon’s testing ground with the company planning to open many ‘Nests’ or docking stations for its e-fleet which people can book via the Falcon app. It’s hoped that eventually the company’s sustainable, battery-powered micromobility vehicles will dot the country’s streets providing last-mile connectivity to people who want a convenient transportation mode without heavily polluting the atmosphere. 

Falcon is investing heavily in renewable energy. Its vehicle charging options will include those powered by solar technology while its Doha Falcon Hospital repair and storage facility, which will also house the AI-driven operations control centre, will run entirely on renewable energy. 

About Falcon
Falcon is a visionary company, headquartered in Qatar, that aims to provide the safest, mobile app-enabled micro mobility solutions to the world while facilitating carbon footprint reductions and promotion of sustainable micromobility transport solutions. Its fleet of electric scooters, mopeds bikes and self-driving autonomous vehicles enhances the sustainability of cities and destinations by providing last mile connectivity between destinations and mainstream transportation hub such as buses, trains, metros, or private vehicles.
Founded by three Qatari investors with expertise in corporate and investment banking, the company has harnessed a team of international pioneers in ride sharing, artificial intelligence and sustainability to manage the company. All are united through an overarching commitment to facilitate sustainability, safety, and health through its new mode of public transportation.
The company has partnered with leading international operators in fleet design and manufacturing, IoT hardware and software, advanced docking stations, as well as technology and telecoms providers to pioneer the latest breakthroughs micromobility. 
About Swiftmile

Swiftmile was founded with a pirate-like spirit and a lofty goal: become the charging platform of choice for any and all forms of light electric vehicles.
Swiftmile is a US company founded in 2015 by four technology entrepreneurs located in Silicon Valley California. Swiftmile mission is to provide the infrastructure that allows electric carbon zero urban transportation in cities worldwide to become reality. Swiftmile are building the first of its kind in-field parking and charging equipment for the micro-mobility industry to truly operate at scale with the efficiency to be a global solution for electric transit systems. 

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