Qatari, US Armed Forces successfully completes ‘Invincible Security Sentry 2021’

  • 2 months   ago
The Qatari Armed Forces and the US forces successfully completed a five-day exercise Invincible Security Sentry 2021 on Thursday.
The focus of the exercise was to train on response to crises. Organised by Qatar this year, it is an annual training event for the US Central Command. The exercise also consists of co-ordination between Qatar's Ministry of Defence, the US embassy in Doha, and other US government agencies.
It was designed to make sure that the correctness of bilateral planning and developing the efficiency of the administrative and military cadres and their performance in the significant mission areas by enhancing interoperability between Qatar and USA. The scenario of the exercise aimed at close co-ordination and planning in order to respond to transnational terrorist threats.
The exercise offered a distinctive opportunity for the Qatari Armed Forces and US forces to train with each other and develop certain methods of dealing with common threats to regional security at the operational level in addition to supporting Qatar in its preparations to organise the World Cup 2022. Director of the invincible sentry exercise Colonel Mohamed al-Otaibi highlighted that the exercise aims to focus on supporting the combat capabilities of the Qatari Armed Forces and US forces to respond to crises and test the effectiveness of the operational capabilities of both sides.
Colonel al-Otaibi mentioned that the exercise achieved its objectives with great success, making note that the Qatari Armed Forces are dedicated to increasing combat harmony and co-ordination with the US strategic partner.
For her part, Head of Mission and Charge d'Affaires of the US embassy, ambassador Greta Holtz, said that the US values its strategic security partnership with Qatar, adding that the invincible security sentry exercise is an opportunity for US forces to train with their Qatari partners and exercise their capabilities to respond to crises. She further added that the exercise is vital for both Qatar and the United States during the preparation of Qatar to organise the World Cup 2022.
Qatar and the United States have had diplomatic relations since 1972, and co-ordination between the two countries is based on a great level of harmony on regional and global issues, as Qatar conducts the facilities of the Central Command headquarters in addition to a joint air operations centre.
The US Armed Forces took part in over 80 exercises annually with its partners from across the globe, and the exercises in the region are designed to strengthen and reinforce the military-military relations, develop regional security, and enhance interoperability with partner countries. The significance of such joint exercises stems from the fact that they are an ideal way to prepare partner forces to work with each other when the need arises, and this co-operation and co-ordination stems from the fact that both the Qatari and US armed forces holds responsible for maintaining security, defending their international interests and protecting their citizens.