Qatari Forum for Authors introduces Qatar Charity’s new book

  • 1 month ago

The Qatari Forum for Authors has introduced a new book on women’s pioneering experiences in voluntary work and humanitarian action, which was recently released by Qatar Charity.

This came at the ‘Writer and Book’ session held remotely through Zoom and moderated by the writer Saleh Gharib, director of programs at the forum.

Speaking at the beginning of the session, the author of the book, Ali AlRachied said that this documentary book falls within the framework of promoting the culture of humanitarian action and inculcating the values of volunteering, which are upheld by Qatar Charity, aiming at sharing expertise.

AlRachied stated that the book includes the long-running humanitarian and voluntary experiences of some prominent Qatari female figures ( Shaikha Al-Moftah, Badria Al-Yaqout, and Isteqlal Al Baker), who embarked on their humanitarian journey in the seventies and eighties of the last century and are still expanding the circle of their activities.

He also added that the experiences of the female figures include raising awareness, giving lectures, participating in seminars, designing, flowing up, and implementing practical programs, garnering support for humanitarian and development work, and organizing charitable markets and auctions in coordination with charitable organizations.




AlRachied noted that they are mainly engaged in humanitarian and voluntary activities within the country, in addition to taking part in delivering relief aid and launching development projects worldwide.

The author pointed out the presentation style of the book combined the art of the biography and the news story and its content brought together feelings, information, facts, and opinions. 

Sheikha Al-Moftah emphasized the importance of instilling the love of giving in children from childhood, and reviewed her humanitarian and volunteering experiences, noting the overwhelming response of the Qatari people to charitable work.

For her part, Badria Al-Yaqout indicated that the family is the first school to teach goodness, reviewing her participation in organizing a charitable exhibition for the Palestinian people, and her foreign visits for humanitarian purposes. 

Readers can download the book by clicking on the flowing link.

Source: Qatar Charity