Qatari Eco-tourism Group Commits to Weekly Mangroves Clean-up Campaign

  • 1 month ago

Qatari company Peninsula Compass Tourism’s premier brand, 365 Adventures Qatar, is known for its creative events and grass-rooted tours and experiences all around the country.

Being one of the first and highest rated companies on TripAdvisor in Qatar, 365 Adventures has a local base camp launch point next to Al Thakhira Mangroves Forest facing the Purple Island, taking tours of groups of expats residents and tourists visiting Qatar.

This base camp which was initially used for kayaking and overnight camping is slowly gearing up to lay the foundation to the upcoming eco-lodge project with outdoor education programs for students in Qatar and lodging facilities built on 100% renewable or sustainable resources.

The mangrove forest in Al Thakhira, next to the Purple Island (also known as Jazirat Ben Ghannam) is known to be the largest forest of mangrove trees in Qatar which goes beyond an area of about 24 square kilometers.

The forest in general is preserved by the Department of Nature Reserves under the Ministry of Municipality & Environment; and being one of the companies in coordination with them, 365 Adventures guides help adventure-seekers explore this area on a high tide by being on a kayak trip.

“The experience is exhilarating, but nothing beats the feeling of serenity and bliss you get from catching the sunset or sunrise by paddling through the natural channels of this forest after a tiring day or a week”, said Mohammed Meraj, Co-founder and Managing Partner of 365 Adventures by PCT, who participates in leading groups himself every weekend in the island.

“After recently completing the Purple Island clean up last weekend on 18th September 2020, along with the help of Seashore Recycling Group, the company is now ready to commit to a new milestone of running every Thursday, a trip with the goal of cleaning the mangroves forest”, adds Mohammed. The itinerary will follow the same route however, customers will be given a bag per kayak to enjoy the experience with a responsibility of keeping the country’s shore areas clean and therefore playing their part as not just an eco-tourism company, but also, a contributor towards the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030.

Commenting on the policy for COVID-19 ease of restrictions, Mohamed said “our business has definitely been affected but ever since the ease of restrictions, we are taking extra precautions to face the reality, the pandemic is still among us. Therefore, health and safety of our customers as well as employees is of our prime importance and is embedded deep into the values of not only our company, but the culture of our country as well.”

An Ehteraz app health status to be green is mandatory, as well as hand sanitizers are provided. Further to this, the company sanitizes all equipment on a regular basis following the guidelines of WHO and MoPH. In addition to maintaining social distancing and only restricting the number of participants to 10 per leader in the group. 

To participate on a kayaking trip while being a responsible citizen is genuinely, one of the best ways to wind off the week’s stress. For the adventure seekers, families and groups of friends who would like to try something new, yet socially responsible can contact the 365 Adventures team.



About 365 Adventures by Peninsula Compass Tourism:

Qatar is a historic nation with a proud heritage and diverse culture, but more than that it's a country filled with transformative experiences and 365 Adventures is an initiative by the premier destination management company Peninsula Compass Tourism to highlight and promote these experiences available around the State of Qatar to residents and tourists alike.


To create and curate a selection of unique experiences that shine a light on the unseen sights of the historic nation of Qatar and instigate a platform of cultural exchange. 


To create a globally adoptable framework that can be used to establish programs that foster next generation, state-of-the-art tourism activities across the globe and beyond. 

Source: 365 Adventures