Qatar-US relations extend beyond military cooperation: US official

  • 2 years   ago
Qatar-US relations extend beyond military cooperation: US official
The Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires of the United States to Qatar, William Grant, speaking at the event.

Qatar-US relationship has stretched out past military collaboration, Chief of Mission and Chargé d'Affaires of the United States to Qatar William Grant has said at an occasion of Community College of Qatar (CCQ) 

"We have had strategic relations with Qatar and long-standing authentic associations. Today, our solid and positive relationship unquestionably reaches out past military collaboration, and we have an ordinary senior-level talk, with the goal that we match up on a scope of issues." 

The Community College of Qatar (CCQ), in a joint effort with the US Embassy in Qatar, as of late sorted out an extraordinary workshop titled 'The Historical Relations Between the US and Qatar: Past, Present, and Future', tended to by Grant. 


The course was held inside the circle of creating CCQ understudies' familiarity with worldwide relationship and widening their insight range toward trim them into genuine world residents. 

CCQ President Dr Mohamed Al Naemi; Vice President, Dr Khalid Shams Al Abdulqader; and the College Dean, Dr Abdallah Hazaimeh; understudies, workforce and staff, are additionally present amid the occasion. 

Talking on GCC emergency amid inquiry and answer session toward the finish of the class, Grant stated: "The US needs to see this debate settled. 

In 2017, we attempted a few endeavors to endeavor to motivate the gatherings to converse with one another. 

Clearly, that did not succeed. Our Secretary of State Michael Pompeo's message, when he came to Doha on January 13, was that the US has not separated from the area. What's more, our message to the majority of (the nations included) is that we need you to make sense of what the issue is, and return to a circumstance where there's more noteworthy participation once more." 

At the start of the workshop, he disclosed to the group of onlookers that the United States' way to deal with its remote relations and its job in the Middle East, he referenced the long-standing relations between the US and Qatar, just as the present situation between the two nations. 

The US Charge d' Affaires refered to the second Qatar-US Strategic Dialog meeting, as of late held in Doha, for instance of the expansive based participation and abnormal state of commitment between the two countries. 

"Different offices of the two governments met up and set the plan for participation on a scope of issues for the following a year. We consented to certain arrangements and considered gatherings between our authorities in charge of work matters, culture, and even space. Different zones we are likewise included with are law requirement, exchange and speculation, and security for the World Cup in 2022." 

Following Grant's discussion, participants enhanced the discussion with various essential inquiries and request.

Becoming the dominant focal point in the exchange was the question in the Gulf area. 

Other essential inquiries handled amid the course included the Israeli-Palestinian clash, US arrangements in Iraq, the circumstance in Syria and Yemen, the US position on Jamal Khashoggi's sans homicide discourse, a dangerous atmospheric devation, and the advancement of US remote relations since the 1940s.