Qatar tune up for Copa America

  • 12 months   ago
Qatar tune up for Copa America

Beginners Qatar go into the Copa America with the young team riding high after their triumph in the Asian Cup however lowered by "higher gauge" rivalry than they experienced in the UAE. 

Head mentor Felix Sanchez additionally said that the competition would be a "critical advance in our voyage towards the World Cup" which Qatar will have in 2022. 

"We'll play against experienced teams that are absolutely of a higher bore than what we saw at the Asian competition," he said in a meeting with FIFA in front of the Brazil competition. 

"Our gathering incorporates Argentina, whose capacities are notable, and Colombia, who are outstandingly great entertainers, regardless of whether at World Cups or the Copa America. Paraguay additionally gloat a pedigreed history." 

The South American mainland title gets in progress on June 14 with the hosts Brazil searching for their first title since 2007. 


"Along these lines, I trust these matches will fill in as a significant organizing post for me and the players. They'll reveal to us where we as of now stand and what we have to do in the following stage," included Sanchez. 

Qatar got off to a mindful begin in a well disposed against Brazil who won 2-0, in spite of the fact that the guests' tenable exhibition was dominated by Neymar's travails. 

The forward sprained his lower leg and was compelled to limp off the pitch on braces, administering him out of the competition. 

"It was an incredible game for us. (In any case, we ought to gain from our slip-ups," said a Qatar team official. "In the second half we played better." 

The side, which with Japan was welcome to make up the required 12 teams, has struck a wary tone in front of their most elevated profile trip since the Asian Cup. 

Qatar's consideration in the Copa America at first cocked eyebrows however both they and Japan achieved the Asian Cup last in Abu Dhabi. 

Qatar triumphed in that competition going from zero at the last Asian Cup to their first mainland title in record-breaking style, beating Japan 3-1. 

Forward Almoez Ali's bike kick brought home the trophy and broke Ali Daei's 23-year-old imprint for objectives at a solitary Asian Cup. 

Ali said the Copa was tied in with learning for Qatar, proceeding with the deliberate methodology which has officially paid profits. "We're not hoping to win, however just to learn in light of the fact that after the World Cup, the Copa America is the greatest challenge on the planet," Ali said following the Asian Cup win. 

"The weakest teams are in Asia, Asia is the weakest landmass for football so in Copa America we will find out additional." 

Qatar likewise has one eye plainly fixed on the 2022 World Cup. "You need to dependably concentrate on your superseding objective. Qatar is going towards a notable occasion: facilitating the 2022 World Cup," said Sanchez who was given an order a month ago to lead Qatar into the worldwide soccer scene in 2022. 

"We have to ensure the squad are in top structure and up to the country's desires. This implies we'll not be partaking only for the good of its own, however hat we're resolved to leave our blemish on World Cup history, particularly since this will be Qatar's first World Cup. 

"Our support in the 2019 Copa America can be viewed as a noteworthy advance in our adventure towards the World Cup, a voyage that we began some time back." 

Sanchez said that over all the competition would be a demonstrating ground for his side's young stars. "Since our squad has numerous youthful players, we anticipate picking up however much experience as could be expected," said Sanchez. 

Qatar's Copa America campaign will start on June 16 against Paraguay.