Qatar to participate in Copa America 2020

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Qatar to participate in Copa America 2020

Qatar, who are partaking in the current year's Copa America tournament, will highlight in the occasion next year also, it was confirmed on Thursday. 

Asian champions Qatar and runners up Japan have been welcome to the current year's event starting today, where Qatar will take on Paraguay on Sunday. 

"We have chosen to welcome... to take part in our competitions the present Asian confederation champions and the past ones," said Alejandro Dominguez, the president of South American football's governing body Conmebol. 

"Qatar are the last champions of the Asian confederation — having champions taking an interest in a challenge dependably lifts the renown and nature of football," said Paraguayan Dominguez.


Conmebol has 10 individuals however the Copa America ordinarily includes 12 groups importance there are frequently a couple of invitees to the tournament. 

Despite the fact that the tournament invitees are presently known for one year from now's Copa America, the last setting is as yet a puzzle. 

Out of the blue, South America's masterpiece tournament will have two hosts: Argentina and Colombia, despite the fact that they are at furthest edges of the mainland. 

The Copa America has for the most part occurred in odd years since its commencement, which started in 1916. 

As of late it was played in the year following a World Cup yet is presently moving to a similar window as the European Championships, two years separated from the worldwide party.