Qatar to open coronavirus hotline in two days

  • 4 months   ago
Qatar to open coronavirus hotline in two days: MoPH official
The overall health situation in Qatar is very reassuring and there is not a single case of coronavirus in the country, a top Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) official has said.
“We do not have any case so far. Even if a case appears, we will announce it within 24 hours. We have the ability to deal with this situation and control it,” Sheikh Dr Mohammed bin Hamad al Thani, Director of Public Health Department at MoPH, has said.
He thanked the community members for avoiding travel to countries where the disease is spreading.
He said within two days a hotline -- 16000 -- will be launched and anyone showing symptoms such as high temperature and cough can call the number for assistance.
“In any case, if he/she has visited countries such as China, Italy or South Korea recently, we will ask him/her to wait at his home and not go to the health centre. We will send an ambulance so that he can be examined as soon as possible.”
He said the private sector is fully aware of the situation and know how to deal with this virus.
“If someone shows symptoms and had visited one of the countries where the virus recently spread, he will be sent to the Communicable Diseases Center,” he said.
For his part, Dr Hamad Eid al Rumaihi, Director of the Department of Health Protection and Prevention of Transitional Diseases, recommended the use of preventive measures such as making sure to wash hands regularly, especially when dealing with anyone suffering from respiratory symptoms and not mixing with sick people from a close distance.
He warned against some social habits at the present time, as it may contribute to the transmission of the disease in case of infection, such as nasal peace and kissing, stressing that the handshake is sufficient.