Qatar to disburse $3m for Syrian refugees in Jordan

  • 1 year ago
Qatar to disburse $3m for Syrian refugees in Jordan

Qatar, represented to by Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD), and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), have consented to a joint arrangement worth $3 million to work five centers to help the essential wellbeing needs of Syrian refugees in Jordan for seven months. 

The understanding was marked by Deputy Director-General of QFFD's Development Projects Misfer Hamad al Shahwani and Director for the Middle East and North Africa Bureau and the Regional Coordinator for Refugee Affairs in Syria and Iraq at UNHCR, Amin Awad. 

The understanding expects to help UNHCR's endeavors to give far reaching medicinal services to 35,000 Syrian exiles from the most defenseless gatherings, in the case of living in camps or in urban zones. The administrations incorporate conceptive wellbeing, emotional wellness, dentistry, sustenance and concentrated consideration moves. 


Talking subsequent to consenting to the arrangement, Shahwani stated, "The settlement demonstrates Qatar's proceeded with solidarity with the Syrian individuals and those influenced by the Syrian clash. It likewise bolsters the Jordanian government's endeavors to help Syrians while supporting the third goal of reasonable advancement, which is to guarantee that all individuals appreciate sound and prosperity at all ages." 

He included that the facilities are outfitted with essential administrations to guarantee appropriate medicinal services for Syrian outcasts and to give treatment to intense and ceaseless sicknesses as Syrian displaced people are in critical need of access to treatment to guarantee a not too bad life. 

As far as it matters for him, Awad said the understanding spotlights on mitigating the enduring of the most defenseless Syrian outcasts in the medicinal services part, particularly those experiencing perpetual ailments, individuals with incapacities and the older. He included that the office values Qatar's endeavors and duty to help the individuals who need treatment, considering their restricted money related assets. 

Over the previous year, Qatar has offered help to UNHCR's projects to help refugees and dislodged individuals. A year ago, QFFD gave $9 million in subsidizing to help about 560,000 outcasts and dislodged individuals in Iraq, Bangladesh and Yemen.