Qatar swimming team win gold medals in GCC Championship

  • 2 years   ago
Kuwait: The Qatar Swimming Team have won the first spot of the overall ranking for the phase of 13-14 years inside the seventeenth GCC Open Water Swimming Championship which commenced in Kuwait today and proceeds until Sunday. The group guaranteed the titles of groups and singles in a race of 3 kilometers for this stage. 
Qatari trio Karim Salah, Omar Ashraf and Abdullah Al Khalidi won the primary spot of the group rivalry. 
Karim Salah won the gold decoration for the singles rivalry with a period of 55:00:7 minutes, while Omar Ashraf won the silver award for a similar race with a period of 55:29:8 minutes. 
Qatar swimmer Mohamed Mahmoud got the gold award for the 5-km race for the 15-17 years with a period of 1:29:34:9 hours. 
Abdulrahman Mohammed won the bronze decoration for a 5km race for the open stage with a period of 1:29:10:4 hours. 
The Qatari assignment is going by Assistant Secretary of Qatar SwimmingAssociation Ahmad Al Nama and 8 swimmers are partaking in the competition. (QNA)