Qatar shares strong strategic ties with Turkey: FM

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Qatar shares strong strategic ties with Turkey: FM

Asked Qatar would think about nearer associations with Iran, Iraq and Turkey if the bar holds on, he said Qatar as of now has solid key relations with Turkey. 

"We remained beside one another amid troublesome occasions. At the point when Turkey experienced troublesome time, Qatar represented it, and when Qatar experienced troublesome time, Turkey represented it; we have this procedure," he said. 

"Iraq is additionally a piece of our district, and we welcome Iraq back to the Arab world as a steady country and we are attempting to help in balancing out this country. A closer association with Iraq is an or more for Qatar," the FM repeated. 

As to, he stated, "Iran is a piece of our topography, and we trust additionally that the GCC nations begin to draw in with Iran in a positive and productive discourse to determine this exceptional issue of our provincial security which is affecting our security straightforwardly and in a roundabout way." 

On Qatar's choice to put $500 million in the Lebanese government bonds, the FM stated, "Lebanon's soundness is our districts solidness and it's critical for Qatar." 

Sheik Mohammed said the leader of Lebanon in his discussions with the Amir HH Sheik Tamim container Hamad al Thani amid the Arab Economic Summit clarified their circumstance that purchasing the administration's bonds would settle their economy. 


"We took the choice dependent on our appraisal to settle Lebanon and furthermore as a speculation," he stated, including that Lebanon had never defaulted in paying interests. 

"We are going to work it out together. We have trust and trust in the economy and the general population of Lebanon that they will stand and thrive once more." 

He stated, "Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is taking a gander at different segments and great long haul speculations. We are taking a gander at the different areas, including the monetary administrations and foundation divisions, just as the modern part." 

The FM stated, "The sovereign riches subsidize has a place with the up and coming age of our kin, so we need to ensure that the majority of our choices have a positive long haul affect on our reserve. Our responsibility finally year's gathering was just piece of our procedure to expand our interest in Europe, particularly Germany, given the quality of the German economy." 

On Qatar's enthusiasm for procuring a stake in Deutsche Bank, he stated, "We are keen on all organizations and converse with everybody. This is a piece of the regular auxiliary change in any administration organization to abbreviate the regulatory shadow, restore analyzes and present fresh recruits and new ages." 

"QIA is a piece of this administration structure and it needs to transform," he stated, including, "we and my associates on the board work to add to our nation's development and enhancement of our economy."